AI-powered Sprint and Roadmap Planning

Consistently achieve your sprint goals. Confidently deliver realistic roadmaps.

Sprint Planning Optimization

Sprint planning starts with the Scrum team establishing the sprint goal. This is challenging, as it involves various conflicting interests. Team members want a sprint goal that is achievable so they are not overwhelmed, while the product owner’s primary focus is to deliver a quality product to the customer.

SprintWise uses AI to create the optimal sprint plan. The sprint plan is achievable because dependencies. availabilities, and velocities are all honoured, resulting in a confident scrum team that knows it can deliver. The product owner is satisfied because the plan has each team member working at full capacity on the highest priority issues from the backlog.

Traditional sprint planning is time-consuming. SprintWise gives you 50 – 75% faster sprint planning. The result is less time spent in meetings and more time spent implementing and delivering your sprint goals.

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Realistic Roadmap Creation

Stakeholders depend on accurate roadmaps for decision making. However, traditional roadmapping techniques often rely on best guesses at the epic level, leading to uncertainty and misinformed decisions. SprintWise transforms this landscape with data-driven roadmaps:

  • Data-Backed Confidence: SprintWise analyzes historical data and automatically creates the roadmap, grounded in reality.
  • Informed Decisions: Stakeholders can trust the roadmap, making decisions confidently.
Read more to learn how SprintWise’s AI-powered solution enhances the reliability and trustworthiness of your roadmaps for informed decision-making.

Sprint and Roadmap Visual Communication

Sprint and roadmap plans are typically delivered to stakeholders using tables and timelines. Both methods have limitations, which complicates stakeholder understanding. SprintWise introduces a fresh approach:

  • Dual Visualization: In addition to the Gantt chart, plans are presented on a dynamic Whiteboard.

  • Clear Big Picture: The SprintWise Whiteboard offers a comprehensive overview, showcasing epics, stories, and dependencies with clarity.

  • Smart Layout: On import, SprintWise automatically organizes items on the Whiteboard for visualization  of dependencies.

  • Customizable: The Whiteboard layout is completely flexible for optimal stakeholder communication.

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25+ Years of Experience

We have been developing innovative planning and scheduling solutions for over 25 years. Now we are bringing this experience to the Agile world.

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While the world talks about AI revolutionizing Agile project management, we're not just talking, we're demonstrating. While others write about this technology, we're market-ready to showcase our solutions. Schedule a demo today to experience how SprintWise is revolutionizing sprint and roadmap planning.

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At SprintWise, we prioritize your success. Our implementation approach is to work hand-in-hand with you during your first month. This ensures you will reap the benefits of SprintPlan from the start of your first sprint. Before long you'll be self-sufficient, but rest assured, we'll be here whenever you need a helping hand. Your journey to success is our journey too.